Student Dance Checklist

The following list is a set of guidelines to assist you in planning the most successful dance or formal for your guests. The staff at University Catering truly cares about your vision and is eager to assist with your event planning needs. Here is a quick checklist to follow when planning your event:

  • Attain approval from both Student Affairs and your Hall Rector for any dance, formal or SYR’s
  • Choose an appropriate date and time
  • Estimate a guest count for planning purposes
  • Contact the student specialist with University Catering
  • Choose and book a venue with catering no later than 3 weeks prior to your event
  • If an outside location is chosen, you must complete the following: a. Request and attain approval to hold your event outdoors b. Reserve an indoor location in case inclement weather conditions exist
  • All on-campus facilities must be booked through the facility manager
  • Campus Security/Police must be contacted for security personnel no less than 3 weeks prior to your event.
  • Complete the SAO Online Form.
  • Set a budget and have it approved by your Rector.
  • Review menu options and discuss with your dance planning committee
  • Schedule a meeting to finalize your event details: guest count, menu/quantities, layout and decorations.
  • Menus are to be finalized at least 10 days prior to your event.
  • A final guest count is due 72 hours prior to your event.

Other Notes:

  • An entertainment contract must be completed and approved for DJ/Bands.
  • No outside food or beverages are permitted in any NDFS Facility
  • A temporary food service permit must be filled out if you are not using Notre Dame Food Services for you event.
  • You must attain a contract for bus transportation through SAO.
  • Gaming activities (door prizes, casino nights, etc.) must be applied for at least 2 months prior to the event.
  • University Catering does not deliver Subway from the Huddle.
  • Pick up and delivery orders are not permitted if dances are held in an NDFS Facility.
  • Joyce Center Dances will include additional charges for food and beverages as well as room rental and usher fees.
  • Room arrangement fees are non-negotiable.
  • All dances in an NDFS Facility are required to have at least two staff members present at all times.

Student Event Theme Ideas

University Catering carries a variety of in stock decorations that are readily accessible with any serviced student event. Whether you are hosting a luau dance party or an upscale winter formal, we have the decorations to help add that little something extra to your event. We strive to create an environment that your and your guests will remember. Here is a list of themes we currently offer:

  • Beach Luau Party
  • American - Red, White and Blue
  • Western/Cowboy
  • Christmas
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • International - Flags of the World
  • Halloween
  • Mardi Gras
  • Fall/Autumn
  • ND Pride – The Fighting Irish
  • Italian
  • Spring/Floral

If you do not see your desired theme listed above, we can assist you in planning and acquiring the needed decorations at an additional cost. Please let our staff assist you in planning the most successful event possible. Please contact our Student Specialist at 631-9919 for your event planning needs.