Center for Culinary Excellence

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On November 11, 2014, the new Center for Culinary Excellence (CCE) was introduced to the campus community. Located in the former Food Services Support Facility, the Center houses a new catering kitchen, cook and chill operation, bakery, and Grab-n-Go program and will prepare food for the dining halls, campus cafes, and catered events. From here, food supplies can now be delivered directly to campus units instead of being delivered to a central storage area first.

The relocation of the campus catering operation from the North Dining Hall to the Center for Culinary Excellence achieves the long-held goal of physically separating the catering and student dining functions, allowing for improvement in both areas. It also presents opportunities for renovating the North Dining Hall.

By establishing the CCE, the University opens another chapter in the history of food service at Notre Dame.

1842: Father Sorin takes possession of 524 acres.

1844: University gains charter “University of Our Lady of the Lake”; original ND bakery and grain mills and local farmers supply food for University

1866: Vagnier and Howard families build residence for bakery staff and farm workers. Farm houses supply food for University needs.

1927: Bakery and butcher shop are added in the new South Dining Hall. Food Services establishes a catering business to meet the demand created by the success of football coach Knute Rockne.

1957: Bakery, butcher shop and commissary located in new North Dining Hall.

1997: Food Service Support Facility is built, broadening Food Services' capabilities by adding or expanding a bakery, cook chill, butcher shop, Grab and Go service and packaging, cold pro, warehouse, and issue ingredient room

1998: Catering production kitchen moved to North Dining Hall.

2014: Center for Culinary Excellence is established, to include: State-of-the-art culinary hot food catering capacity, kitchen and equipment storage, garde manger, Grab and Go assembly and packaging, bakery, cook chill, protein shop, equipment storage.